Libor Hadrava is the author of In-depth Rhythm Studies, the owner and head instructor of Axiom Music School, and is a featured educator for DRUM! Magazine, Dream Cymbals, and Vater Percussion.

Paradiddle-izing The Table of Time

I am pretty sure that most of you are familiar with The Table Of Time Most likely you have played through using alternating sticking, leading with the weaker hand and possibly even using double stroke roll. The first time I played The Table Of Time using doubles I noticed this great feeling, almost as if this method […]


DRUM! Rhythm Quiz – September (# 7)

  1. How many times do you have to play this pattern over a guitar (four bars in 4/4) phrase before you both end up on “1” ?   2. How many times will the guitar phrase repeat before you both end up on “1” 3. How many times do you have to play the […]


5-Way Independence

It seemed that I let a lot of you down by posting a “Just” 4-Way Independence groove I came up with. I am sorry…… Here is the same groove with 5th Rhythm Line……. Enjoy