Libor Hadrava is the author of In-depth Rhythm Studies, the owner and head instructor of Axiom Music School, and is a featured educator for DRUM! Magazine, Dream Cymbals, and Vater Percussion.

DRUM! Quiz

Yes, It is that time again to exercise our brain cells a little bit with our DRUM! Quiz.

I had the weirdest experience recently. I was given exactly one minute to perform this “Popcorn Etude.” But then I forgot at what tempo I should play it. Please find the right tempo for me.

If you know the correct answer, please go to DRUM! Quiz and email it to me. You will be able to win some great drum stuff.

Ultimate Ears – Custom In-ear Monitors

Buying Ultimate Ears Custom In-ear monitors was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The UE company is one great team of people making an amazing product. I was so impressed that I wrote a little article about UE that has been published in DRUM! magazine and in the Czech Republic in the […]


Hands-Foot Fill Ideas

I am certain that we have all used a “two hands and single footed double” at some point in our DRUM! lives. It has always been such an interesting combination to me. Whether you are looking at it from the physical (two hands + foot double) perspective or from the sonic experience, it has a […]


March 2015 Clinic/Masterclass Tour

  Very Excited for these clinics and Masterclasses I am doing in March in the Czech Republic.   3.3 – Teplice Conservatory – Clinic 3.4 – Teplice Conservatory – Masterclass 3.9 – Klub M Vysoke Myto – Clinic 3.10 – ZUS Vysoke Myto – Masterclass 3.16 – C.C Lucie Hradec Kralove – Clinic 3.17 – […]


Free DRUM! magazine

Get 3 months of DRUM! Magazine for FREE when you download “In-Depth Rhythm Studies” book here and start practicing (Limited time offer – valid until 12/31/2014) “Using Libor’s book will give you more years to live life outside of the practice room.” —Mike Mangini   “In-Depth Rhythm Studies offers a refreshing end unique look into […]