Libor Hadrava is the author of In-depth Rhythm Studies, the owner and head instructor of Axiom Music School, and is a featured educator for DRUM! Magazine, Dream Cymbals, and Vater Percussion.

March 2015 Clinic/Masterclass Tour

  Very Excited for these clinics and Masterclasses I am doing in March in the Czech Republic.   3.3 – Teplice Conservatory – Clinic 3.4 – Teplice Conservatory – Masterclass 3.9 – Klub M Vysoke Myto – Clinic 3.10 – ZUS Vysoke Myto – Masterclass 3.16 – C.C Lucie Hradec Kralove – Clinic 3.17 – […]


Free DRUM! magazine

Get 3 months of DRUM! Magazine for FREE when you download “In-Depth Rhythm Studies” book here and start practicing (Limited time offer – valid until 12/31/2014) “Using Libor’s book will give you more years to live life outside of the practice room.” —Mike Mangini   “In-Depth Rhythm Studies offers a refreshing end unique look into […]


DRUM! Realizing The Power Of The Five-Stroke Roll (Pt.1)

The Five-Stroke Roll is probably one of the first rudiments you learned. When you’re just starting out you may not understand what is so important about the five-stroke roll. You don’t really understand its power. Many years later you realize what an important part of your drumming vocabulary it actually is. I’d like to shorten […]