Welcome to a new way of understanding rhythm within time. Through diligent practice of the exercises in this book, you will learn several ways of approaching time keeping beyond the traditional methods, and you will increase the capacity of your brain to process data from multiple sources at the same time. These are advanced exercises that will develop your mental ability to oversee and control what we physically do as drummers.

The methods in this book are nontraditional tools for developing “time awareness,” an awareness of the space between notes. This is a priceless asset for you as the person other musicians look to as THE TIMEKEEPER. The methods contained herein will take you in a stepwise fashion to develop a solid inner clock and give you the skill to recognize, acknowledge, and focus on rhythmic phrasings outside of your own (i.e., what your bandmates are playing). This will liberate you from fixating only on what you are playing and will teach you to be aware of what is going on around you in the complex, layered mix of melody, harmony, and rhythm we call music…

“Using Libor’s book will give you more years to live life outside of the practice room.”
—Mike Mangini (Dream Theater, Steve Vai)

“In-Depth Rhythm Studies offers a refreshing and unique look into the sometimes subtle, sometimes complex world of ‘rhythm’ and ‘time’ and the undeniable relationship between them. Through clearly explained challenging exercises Libor’s book can, without a doubt, elevate every drummer’s command of these vital areas of drumming to new levels.”
—Rod Morgenstein (Winger, Dixie Dregs, Rudess/Morgenstein Project, Berklee College of Music)

“Developing our ability to hear and process the music in which we take part are two of the most important skills a musician can develop. All great musicians have attained these skills, and Libor’s book will help YOU attain them, too.”
—Dave DiCenso (Josh Groban, Hiromi, John Petrucci, Two Ton Shoe, Berklee College of Music)

“A metronome can be a friend or foe… Libor Hadrava reveals in a magical, creative way it is our friend, and In-Depth Rhythm Studies reveals the secrets.”
—Jon Hazilla (Berklee College of Music)

“Very clear, concise, and challenging.”
—Skip Hadden (Weather Report, Berklee College of Music)

“Hadrava helps the reader develop ‘time awareness’ through exercises involving complicated things like ‘repositioning’ the metronome and vocalizing rhythmic patterns while already executing four-way independence on the kit… Be sure to lock yourself away for a while.”
—Modern Drummer

“Mr. Hadrava needs your attention as he has a few new ideas as to how to use the metronome, mostly by using his Master Code method and diligent practice to make you much more aware of time and space…”

In-depth Rhythm Studies

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LIBOR HADRAVA is the owner and head instructor of Axiom Music School. He is a columnist for DRUM! Magazine and self-produces advanced independence video lessons featured on DRUMmagazine.com. He is also a featured artist instructor for Dream Cymbals and Gongs.