DRUM! Rhythm Quiz (#1)

Every now and then I come up with a quiz or a rhythm puzzle just to exercise my brain a bit. I love pushing myself and when I can not physically practice my drums (usually because it is 2 AM)  I notate rhythm ideas I hear in my head. :-)

I think if you put a good amount of effort into doing something you are passionate about (at least as much as I am) you should be rewarded.

I am very excited that I have these 3 great teams behind this. THANKS to Dream Cymbals, Vater Percussion and DRUM! magazine for sponsoring this “Rhythm Quiz” idea and making it all possible.

I came up with this rhythm phrase (see picture below) in the early AM hours one day. It has a quarter note, one eighth-note quintuplet, two eighth notes, and the first two notes of an eighth-note triplet. The way I originally wrote it was using a 4/4 measure and a 1/4 measure with metric modulation.

So what’s the “Rhythm Quiz” if you already wrote it out, huh?

True…… but there is another way to write it. Not necessarily easier, but there is a way.

All you have to do is figure out a way to write this rhythm idea using one measure in a simple time signature. (Please make sure to include the tempo as well)


Please submit your answer via the form below. Only one entry per email address will be accepted. You have until 12AM ET April 1. On April 2nd I will draw 3 Winners out of all the correct answers. Each Winner will be notified via email, and their winning answers will be shared on my site. Further communication with the winners will be established via email.

Each of the 3 winners will get

  1. One brick (12 Pairs) of Vater drumsticks (your choice of model)
  2. My Signature Stack by Dream (14″ or 10″, you specify)
  3. 12-month subscription to DRUM! magazine.


The contest is over!

And the 3 winners are………….

As I mentioned in the video here are the 3 winning answers.